Hello world! Welcome to Bitcoin FAQ’s Blog

Welcome to the BitcoinFAQ’s Blog. This is our first blog post about bitcoin frequently asked questions. Today we’re just setting this blog to be more about bitcoins in United States but we will also soon offer information on our international bitcoin blog networks.

Bitcoin is recognized as a consensus network which was designed to enable a new payment system and a wholly digital currency. Bitcoin the worlds first truly decentralized peer 2 peer payment system that is powered solely by its users and without the burden or control of any governments or central authority. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is considered to be cash on the Internet. Bitcoin is also popular with finance and accounting professionals and often seen as the most stable triple entry bookkeeping system known to man.

This bitcoin blog will focus on answering questions like “What is bitcoin” and “How to buy bitcoin” for the novice user with bitcoin buying guides and reviews of competing bitcoin services.

Find everything from technical documents to bitcoin exchange reviews and the best places to buy bitcoin but also timely blog posts on todays bitcoin news as well as in depth articles on bitcoin regulation and  bitcoin taxes